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Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Elections ARE HERE!
Elections are coming up quick; if you would like to join this winning team please put your name in for any of the elected offices positions. To nominate yourself for one of the jobs the ballets are behind the bar. Ask the bartender and they will give you one.
Some details that you might want to know.
1. You will have two meetings a month here at the lodge.
2. There will be at least three District meetings a year and it would nice if you came to them.
3. We are doing a lot more fundraisers here at the lodge and you’ll be asked to help now and then.
4. Men’s dinner nights, we could always use help in the kitchen. We’re talking two or three hours once a month. Like Queen of Heart, Pizza night, Steak Dinner and any others you can think of.
I ’m not trying to scare off anyone, but we’ve had a good thinks going for the last few months and your lodge has gained a lot in all directions that you look. To be an officer is not just a name it’s in what you do to help also.
Speaking of volunteering, I would like each member to consider giving up at least four hours every six months to help here at the lodge. Just small stuff helps a lot. A small list is posted below.
A. Collecting money at a dinner
B. Doing dishes at a dinner
C. Running a 50/50 on Friday and Saturday night.
Just anything that you might see, if you see something that needs fixed or filled ask yourself if you can take care of it. We will not scold you for doing something to help trust me. One thing is for sure you’re never too young or too old to help somehow.
If there is anyone that wants to take over the Newsletter and Lodge menu PLEASE let the governor know.
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